My Adsense Journey

At this point I was at my wit’s end. I had done everything everyone had said and I couldn’t seem to bring my AdSense earnings over the five dollar a month mark. How pathetic is that? Reevaluation time. Yeah, I needed to figure this out or stuff in back in the bag because, again, my other online activities were suffering. I started pouring over my list of blogs I frequent looking for the key. Then I stumbled upon a golden nugget that turned my luck around. I purchased a very inexpensive Keyword Research tool. I had been avoiding spending money on my AdSense business project half knowing the pending doom that lie await. You know what, I figured a few dollars isn’t going to break me and maybe I will learn something. As I read through this short e-book my heart began to race. (I apologize, I seem to have misplaced this e-book) Now I knew I was onto something good here. Of course, keyword research, why didn’t I think of that? Actually, I did, I’ve been hearing about it all along. I can’t think of anything so boring and I really had no idea how to research keywords so I eased past that part. Big mistake. I mean big! I had no idea how important keyword research was to AdSense earnings. I started following the steps in the e-book and instantly could see the magnitude of the mistakes I had been making all this time. It was like finding the missing link. I was ecstatic.

As I began putting this very enlightening lesson to use I ran across yet another very promising tool to aide in my keyword research. It was actually a membership site called The Keyword Academy. Now you probably realize by now that I have been avoiding spending money up to this point so why change? The The Keyword Academy isn’t cheap, it has a monthly fee of $33. Basically there are three factors to my sudden change of heart.I trusted the Blogging Friend that was recommending it.It was becoming obvious I needed to start investing in my business if I was going to see any AdSense earnings before I quit again.And, truthfully, I was able to get a one month trial to The Keyword Academy for just one dollar. I figured I had 30 days to devour the information and cancel before my first payment of $33 came out.

Let me tell you something in all honesty. I have spent a ton of money on various products over the years and that dollar may have been the best money I’ve spent yet. I will be posting a separate review on  The Keyword Academy very soon but I highly recommend to anyone serious about their AdSense earnings to join right away. Yes, that’s an affiliate link but I wouldn’t link to it if I didn’t recommend it. No disclaimers needed here – I use it and I recommend it – period! Don’t be a stubborn old fool like I was and delay your AdSense earnings over a small investment. That can be the first of my official AdSense tips for you.