Who are we?

The first Qatari man, the first Palestinian man and the first Saudi woman all on Mount Everest, climbing for one goal, to reach the top of the world. And to raise a million dollars for education projects in Nepal with Reach Out to Asia in this 60th anniversary year of the first climb of the summit.

The Climbers

- Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani  (Qatari)
- Raha Moharrak                          (Saudi girl)
- Raed Zidan                                 (Palestinian)
- Masoud Mohammad                 (Iranian)

Help us raise a million dollars for Nepali education projects


We are trying to raise one MILLION DOLLARS for Nepali Education projects during our climb to the top. We are working with some amazing charities out here like Actionaid and it is all being managed by Reach Out To Asia to make sure the money goes to the right places.

Please be generous.

The kids we met before our trip started just outside Nepal were amazing. The more you give the more opportunities they will have in life.

Our story

Over the next two months, a group of four Arabs will attempt an historic summit of Mt. Everest. Representing Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and the UAE, these men—and one woman—will attempt to go where few have gone before, and many have died trying.

The expedition team, who call themselves Arabs With Altitude, includes a Sheikh hoping to become the first Qatari to reach the top of the world, and the first Saudi woman to attempt the mountain. If she reaches the top she will also be the youngest Arab to summit ever.

2013 promises to be a memorable year on Everest. It is the 60th anniversary year of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s first journey to the top. Last year witnessed one of the most deadly seasons in the mountain’s history, and the world will be watching this year to see how the climbing community responds to the tragedy.

From training and preparations, to colourful Kathmandu, to the Death Zone at 8,000 meters and beyond, we’ll follow the adventure every step of the way.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani

A Qatari, born on 16th June 1982 in Sharjah U.A.E., Sheikh Mohammed Al Thani, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, photographer and an adventurous traveler with a Passion for Mountains Climbing, ventured out on a mountaineering challenge journey to climb the highest peaks on all the seven continents. As the first Qatari to take up this challenge, along with a noble mission in raising awareness and charity, he has already reached the top of Mount Vinson, the highest peak of Antarctica, at an altitude of 4,892m. He also climbed twice the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5,895 meters on March 2010 and on December 2011, respectively. On September 2011, he summited Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe at 4,810.

Follow his own story here http://moealthani.com/  or @moealthani on Twitter

Raha Moharrak
Saudi girl

will make history the moment she reaches the mountain as the first Saudi woman to attempt Everest. But she vows not to be satisfied until she reaches the top. Raha comes from a family of strong values and traditions, and convincing them to let her climb was as great a challenge as the mountain itself. Her parents now support her entirely, as do her teammates who she considers her brothers. “I really don’t care about being the first,” Raha says of her achievement. “So long as it inspires someone else to be the second.”

Raed Zidan

a 42-year old real estate tycoon from Palestine. He currently owns more than 5000 apartments in the US, but his wife still remembers the days he waited tables in an Indianapolis diner. An absolute adrenaline junkie, Raed’s passions are fast cars and great heights. When he’s not on a mountain, you can find him behind the wheel of his favorite rally car.

Masoud Mohammad

a 32-year old Iranian who has lived in the UAE his entire life. He owns a healthy ice cream franchise in Dubai and runs one of the largest glass manufacturers in the Middle East. He has been lifelong best friends with Moe and the two have tackled nearly every climb together.

Time Line 2013

Apr. 3-6 – Preparations in Kathmandu. The team explores the city brimming with color and life. Moe visits a public school run by the charity sponsoring his climb. We meet fellow climbers and hear their tales of Everest.

Apr. 6-17 – The trek to Base Camp. Winding past Nepali teahouses and through mountain villages, the team meets the Nepali people and learns of the Khumbu region’s history.

Apr 18-24 – Setting up Base Camp. The climbers settle into the closest thing to ‘home’ they’ll know on the mountain. They meet the Sherpas who will be aiding their ascent, and could save their lives should they meet grave danger.

Apr. 25-May 17 – Acclimatization climbs. Climbing Everest is a marathon, not a sprint. In order to safely adjust to the altitude, expeditions set out a carefully planned assault of the mountain to conquering the 30,000ft. behemoth by degrees. The team spends a month ascending the mountain and retreating back to Base Camp until the climbers are fully fit and acclimatized.

May 18-May 25 – The Summit Push. The team embarks on a week-long journey retracing their steps up to Camp IV at 7162m (23,500ft). In the early morning hours, they set out on all-day climb to the summit. If all goes well, their reward is 10 minutes at the top of the world. Then it’s time to head back down to safety

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