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Arabson Tips On Buying Adsense Account

AdSense is the Google advertising network that uses the websites or YouTube videos as support for its ads. Here’s how to get Google Adsense Account Approved and earn money with this service. I am starting a long series of articles on Adsense , and I prefer to start by telling you a little about this Google advertising program.

We already know What is Adsense?

We now turn to the question “How does Adsense Makes Money”?

The income of Google Adsense come from Google Adwords which is the advertising platform that allows Google to buy traffic and Adsense is to sell traffic.

Adsense offers ads that bloggers or webmasters must put on their site to monetize the ads in image or text.

Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click service, so pay per clicks on the ad, these ads look like this:

How to Signup For Google Adsense? Is It Good To Buy Adsense Account?

To register on Google Adsense and start making the money you just have a website (or blog ) and a Gmail account 

Here is the link to the registration:

After submitting our application we should now wait for the adsense account approval process, it may take two hours, three days, four months, or even it will not be approved.

In future articles, I’ll show you some tricks to get Google AdSense Account approval in no time .

For now if you are very eager to start with google adsense program, you can buy your adsense account from the following site:

My Adsense Secret Tips

After reading several e-books and following many made-up success stories I was certain I could make a go at this whole AdSense trend and add AdSense earnings to my income stream. These were the days before blogs were common and most marketers had simple sites to front the hundreds of sales pages hiding in various directories and sub-domains. So I quickly setup an AdSense account and placed the ads on every site page I had. Nothing!…

Seminar for Adsense

Please read and understand before proceeding.

1. An Adsense blog under your account in Sistem Botak will
be setup by us. We will control the quality of the landing page as well as the
content for the blog using High Paying Keyword (HPK). A fee of USD10 per month
will be charged for every blog. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or the
domain name of the blog shall not be revealed to you or any other party to
preserve the niche .

2. Please do not break any of your Google Adsense TOS. Any
negative implication by Google on your Adsense account may affect other user’s
account in our Sistem BOTAK. As our methods used are unconventional and
revolutionary, we do not want to trigger Google to specially take notice of our

As Advertising and Pay per Click on Google Adsense

Adsense web site is operated by advertisers additionally typically rejected as a result of they feel it’s concerned in additional management. Check the web site to check however relevant they’re and edit their bids to confirm that they still seem on the page. once some words there area unit five hundred sites network, that is definitely a tedious and costly task. though this can be really the case, and lots of additionally notice that their Adwords account to come sites, don’t even appear to support their keywords. could be a mature example of this can be those that advertise within the adsense site, “the terms and conditions” and “Privacy Policy” page seems below the laws of the phrase. whereas several reject the content of advertising, there area unit still those that feel it provides an analogous ROI to look. One reason for this within the adman to look solely the actual fact that additional and additional decisions may be found. once this happens the adman has less competition and so reduced the value of the word. Advertisers have additionally found that from the choice to effectively promote their content among the advertiser’s web site publisher services an honest ROI.

Adsense Ready Websites For Approval!

Make Money Online! Did you know you that if you owned a website, you can make up to $25 everytime someone clicks a link on it? Sounds crazy? But its real. And thats how all these websites online make billions.  Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Facebook… They all have revenue in the billions and all of them make money doing this.  But you can to! Well, you do want to make lots of money, right?

AdSense allows you, a publisher of a website, to put ads on your website so you make money when someone clicks on them. And yeah, its really that easy! Our AdsenseFree Package is a collection of 155 AdSense Websites which are prebuilt and optimized for both search engines and getting the highest click throughs on the ads.  The sites are already built for you so the hard part is done.  All you do is sign up for Google Adsense, download the sites from here, put in your Adsense code, and your ready to go!

You now have 155 websites of your own that you keep all the revenue from!

By the way, remember, all of our websites are free for you!…

My Adsense Journey

At this point I was at my wit’s end. I had done everything everyone had said and I couldn’t seem to bring my AdSense earnings over the five dollar a month mark. How pathetic is that? Reevaluation time. Yeah, I needed to figure this out or stuff in back in the bag because, again, my other online activities were suffering. I started pouring over my list of blogs I frequent looking for the key. Then I stumbled upon a golden nugget that turned my luck around. I purchased a very inexpensive Keyword Research tool. I had been avoiding spending money on my AdSense business project half knowing the pending doom that lie await. You know what, I figured a few dollars isn’t going to break me and maybe I will learn something. As I read through this short e-book my heart began to race. (I apologize, I seem to have misplaced this e-book) Now I knew I was onto something good here. Of course, keyword research, why didn’t I think of that? Actually, I did, I’ve been hearing about it all along. I can’t think of anything so boring and I really had no idea how to research keywords so I eased past that part. Big mistake. I mean big! I had no idea how important keyword research was to AdSense earnings. I started following the steps in the e-book and instantly could see the magnitude of the mistakes I had been making all this time. It was like finding the missing link. I was ecstatic.…