My Adsense Secret Tips

After reading several e-books and following many made-up success stories I was certain I could make a go at this whole AdSense trend and add AdSense earnings to my income stream. These were the days before blogs were common and most marketers had simple sites to front the hundreds of sales pages hiding in various directories and sub-domains. So I quickly setup an AdSense account and placed the ads on every site page I had. Nothing!

Ok, no problem, I just need more traffic, right? Sure, so I spend hundreds of hours over the course of a year learning how to generate quality, relevant site traffic. Time well spent, I made it to a Google PageRank of 05/10 on my two main sites. Still, nothing! What’s going on? I have traffic, I have good authority, why don’t I have clicks? I know, it’s all about testing, right? So I test and test and move it all around, and that’s what it’s all about, right? Apparently not because, still, Nothing!Stage Two After a short disappointing period of AdSense inactivity (I gave up), I started seeing the secret to AdSense success. It was in all the emails from the big time marketers so it must be true. I simply need to get more sites. Not just any sites, I need niche sites. Wow, that makes so much sense. No wonder I wasn’t making any AdSense earnings.


So I quickly learned how to find great domains for AdSense in random niches still available as a dot com. What a fun time. I discovered I have a knack for this. Within minutes I would have a great find. Ten bucks later it was mine. Slap some content on it, place the AdSense code and promote. Rinse and repeat, just like the gurus said. Over and over until I had a very nice portfolio of over a hundred domains for AdSense. I had to upgrade my hosting to get all these sites online but the AdSense earnings would start rolling in any day now, right?


The Battle Pursues . Hey, what’s going on? I’m no quitter, I know what to do. I just need to promote these sites more, that’s all. I throw more money and more time at the quest for AdSense earnings before I finally come to the conclusion… This stuff just ain’t for me! I’ll cut my loses and quit while I’m way behind. After all, my other online endeavors have been suffering due to all my time I’ve been wasting on this wild goose chase. No regrets though, it was a great learning experience and I have a great domain portfolio that will be worth millions, some day. The end? Well, it almost was…Lessons Learned:

Just because we have traffic doesn’t mean we will be rolling in AdSense earnings each month. In fact, certain types of traffic will hurt your efforts. There is another huge lesson learned in there but I was too stubborn to see it yet.