Arabson Tips On Buying Adsense Account

AdSense is the Google advertising network that uses the websites or YouTube videos as support for its ads. Here’s how to get Google Adsense Account Approved and earn money with this service. I am starting a long series of articles on Adsense , and I prefer to start by telling you a little about this Google advertising program.

We already know What is Adsense?

We now turn to the question “How does Adsense Makes Money”?

The income of Google Adsense come from Google Adwords which is the advertising platform that allows Google to buy traffic and Adsense is to sell traffic.

Adsense offers ads that bloggers or webmasters must put on their site to monetize the ads in image or text.

Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click service, so pay per clicks on the ad, these ads look like this:

How to Signup For Google Adsense? Is It Good To Buy Adsense Account?

To register on Google Adsense and start making the money you just have a website (or blog ) and a Gmail account 

Here is the link to the registration:

After submitting our application we should now wait for the adsense account approval process, it may take two hours, three days, four months, or even it will not be approved.

In future articles, I’ll show you some tricks to get Google AdSense Account approval in no time .

For now if you are very eager to start with google adsense program, you can buy your adsense account from the following site: