Seminar for Adsense

Please read and understand before proceeding.

1. An Adsense blog under your account in Sistem Botak will
be setup by us. We will control the quality of the landing page as well as the
content for the blog using High Paying Keyword (HPK). A fee of USD10 per month
will be charged for every blog. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or the
domain name of the blog shall not be revealed to you or any other party to
preserve the niche .

2. Please do not break any of your Google Adsense TOS. Any
negative implication by Google on your Adsense account may affect other user’s
account in our Sistem BOTAK. As our methods used are unconventional and
revolutionary, we do not want to trigger Google to specially take notice of our

As Advertising and Pay per Click on Google Adsense

Adsense web site is operated by advertisers additionally typically rejected as a result of they feel it’s concerned in additional management. Check the web site to check however relevant they’re and edit their bids to confirm that they still seem on the page. once some words there area unit five hundred sites network, that is definitely a tedious and costly task. though this can be really the case, and lots of additionally notice that their Adwords account to come sites, don’t even appear to support their keywords. could be a mature example of this can be those that advertise within the adsense site, “the terms and conditions” and “Privacy Policy” page seems below the laws of the phrase. whereas several reject the content of advertising, there area unit still those that feel it provides an analogous ROI to look. One reason for this within the adman to look solely the actual fact that additional and additional decisions may be found. once this happens the adman has less competition and so reduced the value of the word. Advertisers have additionally found that from the choice to effectively promote their content among the advertiser’s web site publisher services an honest ROI.